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Dodgeball Ontario By-Laws

A by-law relating generally to the conduct of the affairs of Dodgeball Ontario

Dodgeball is a game in which players on two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves. In Canada, the game is played by people of all ages in informal and formal settings on playgrounds, community spaces, or in organised recreational leagues.

The majority of the established dodgeball leagues in Ontario are co-ed although there are tournaments on occasion that call for all-women’s or all-men’s teams.

There are many variations of the game, but generally the main objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by a member of the opposing team, or forcing an opposing player to move outside the court boundaries when a ball is thrown at them.

The number of dodgeballs used in the game often varies, but the most common number of balls used in Canadian leagues is 6. Exceptions are usually made if a court is particularly small or if many people participate.

Dodgeball can be played with different types of dodgeballs. The most common type used in Ontario is foam, although a number of leagues across the province use cloth or rubber balls.

A typical dodgeball game is usually played on a volleyball court, basketball court, fenced area, trampoline arena, or outdoor sand court (beach volleyball court).

Dodgeball Ontario recognizes rule variations among its member leagues across the province but does not enforce one particular rule set. That being said, Dodgeball Ontario has adopted and uses the rules laid out by Dodgeball Canada and the World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) for Dodgeball Ontario-sanctioned tournaments.

BE IT ENACTED as a by-law of Dodgeball Ontario as follows:

Section 1 - General

1.01 Definitions

In this by-law, unless the context otherwise requires:

  1. "Act" means the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 (Ontario) and, where the context requires, includes the regulations made under it, as amended or re-enacted from time to time;

  2. "Board" means the board of directors of Dodgeball Ontario (DO);

  3. "By-laws" means this by-law (including the schedules to this by-law) and all other by-laws of Dodgeball Ontario as amended and which are, from time to time, in force;

  4. "Director" means an individual occupying the position of director of Dodgeball Ontario by whatever name he or she is called;

  5. "Member" means a member of Dodgeball Ontario;

  6. "Members" means the collective membership of Dodgeball Ontario; and

  7. "Officer" means an officer of Dodgeball Ontario


1.02 Interpretation

​Other than as specified in Section 1.01, all terms contained in this by-law that are defined in the Act shall have the meanings given to such terms in the Act. Words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa, and words importing one gender include all genders.

1.03 Severability and Precedence

The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this By-law shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of this By-law. If any of the provisions contained in the By-laws are inconsistent with those contained in the Articles or the Act, the provisions contained in the Articles or the Act, as the case may be, shall prevail.

1.04 Seal

The seal of the Corporation, if any, shall be in the form determined by the Board.

1.05 Execution of Contracts

Deeds, transfers, assignments, contracts, obligations and other instruments in writing requiring execution by Dodgeball Ontario must be signed by two of the following Directors: President, Vice President, and Director of Finance. In addition, the Board may from time to time direct the manner in which and the person by whom a particular document or type of document shall be executed. Any person authorized to sign any document may affix the corporate seal, if any, to the document. Any Director may certify a copy of any instrument, resolution, by-law or other document of Dodgeball Ontario to be a true copy thereof.


Section 2 - Directors


2.01 Election and Term

The directors shall hold office for a term expiring not later than the close of the second annual meeting of members following the election. For the First Board, the initial terms of the President, Director of Finance, Director of Programs and Director of Communications and Media shall be 3 years in order to create staggered terms for Board members.

After two years, Board members may seek re-election. A Board member cannot serve more than 2 consecutive terms. After 2 consecutive terms, at least one year must pass before the person can re-apply to the board, unless there are no other applicants.

2.02 Vacancies and Removal of a Board Member

The office of a Director shall be vacated immediately:

  1. if the Director resigns office by written notice to the President, which resignation shall be effective at the time it is received by the President or at the time specified in the notice, whichever is later;

  2. if the Director dies or becomes bankrupt;

  3. if the Director is found to be incapable of managing property by a court or under Ontario law; or

  4. if, at a meeting of the Members, a resolution is passed by at least a majority of the votes cast by the Members removing the Director before the expiration of the Director’s term of office.

  5. if, at a Board of Directors meeting, a motion is passed by at least a majority of the votes cast by the Board removing the Director before the expiration of the Director’s term of office.


A board member may also be removed from the Board for any of the following:

  • Violating the Dodgeball Ontario Code of Conduct

  • Consistently failing to attend official Dodgeball Ontario Board meetings without prior notice

    • First absence without prior notice requires a dialogue with the President or VP and board member.

    • The 2nd absence without prior notice must be followed up with a written warning from the President or VP.

    • The 3rd absence without prior notice will mandate that the board member will be informed that any further absences without prior notice warrants a vote on the issue of dismissal from the board​

  • General harassment or bullying of any kind

  • Breach of confidentiality

  • Criminal activity

  • Misappropriating Dodgeball Ontario funds

  • Discriminatory or abusive language or behaviour

  • Purposely mis-representing Dodgeball Ontario to the media and/or general public in a way that harms Dodgeball Ontario’s brand or reputation

  • Other behaviour or communication deemed damaging to Dodgeball Ontario or its members


Any complaint arising therefrom will result in opening a case to be investigated jointly with the President and the Vice President, who will present the background along with a motion to the Board of Directors. The Board will then act on the motion in accordance to its policies and procedures.

The subject of the complaint has the right to know the case to be met, along with all information and recommendation to be presented to the Board. The subject will be given reasonable opportunity to present their position to the investigating party.

If the subject is the President or Vice President, the aforementioned will recuse themselves from the process and the Board will choose 2 other representatives to investigate.

The decision of the Board can only be appealed if an error was made by the investigating party or if information was intentionally omitted when presenting the case to the Board. The subject is responsible for demonstrating this occurrence, and must do so within 30 days of notification by the Board representative.

2.03 Filling Vacancies

A vacancy on the Board shall be filled as follows:

A quorum of Directors may fill a vacancy among the Directors;

  1. if there is not a quorum of Directors or there has been a failure to elect the minimum number of Directors set out in the articles, the Directors in office shall, without delay, call a special meeting of Members to fill the vacancy and, if they fail to call such a meeting, the meeting may be called by any Member;

  2. if the vacancy occurs as a result of the Members removing a Director, the Members may fill the vacancy by a majority vote and any Director elected to fill the vacancy shall hold office for the remainder of the removed Director’s term; and

  3. the Board may fill any other vacancy by a majority vote, and the appointee shall hold office for the remainder of the unexpired portion of the term of the vacating Director. After that, the appointee shall be eligible to be elected as a Director.

When a board member resigns or is terminated, members must be notified within two weeks and
a special meeting must be called and take place within 6 weeks to determine how the role is to be filled.

2.04 Committees

Committees may be established by the Board as follows:

  1. The Board may appoint a managing Director or a committee of Directors and may delegate to the managing Director or committee any of the powers of the Directors excepting those powers set out in the Act that are not permitted to be delegated; and

  2. Subject to the limitations on delegation set out in the Act, the Board may establish any committee it determines necessary for the execution of the Board’s responsibilities. The Board shall determine the composition and terms of reference for any such committee. The Board may dissolve any committee by resolution at any time.

  3. Examples of Board committees: Marketing and Sponsorship, Media and Communications, Player Development, Programs


The Chair/co-chair of each subcommittee is responsible for:

  • Plans and oversees the logistics of committee operations

  • Reports to the President

  • Presents committee decisions/recommendations to the board

  • Assigns work to committee members

  • Ensures committee members have the information needed to do their jobs

  • Sets the agenda for and runs committee meetings

  • Ensures distribution of committee meeting minutes

  • Evaluates committee effectiveness in reaching goals and objectives


2.05 Remuneration of Directors

The Directors shall serve as such without remuneration and no Director shall directly or indirectly receive any profit from occupying the position of Director; provided that:

  1. Directors may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses they incur in the performance of their Directors’ duties as per the Board Expense Policy;

  2. Directors may be paid remuneration and reimbursed for expenses incurred in connection with services they provide to Dodgeball Ontario in their capacity other than as Directors, provided that the amount of any such remuneration or reimbursement is:

    • considered reasonable by the Board;

    • approved by the Board for payment by resolution passed before such payment is made; and

    • in compliance with the conflict of interest provisions of the Act; and

  3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no Director shall be entitled to any remuneration for services as a Director or in other capacity if Dodgeball Ontario becomes a charitable corporation, unless the provisions of the Act and the law applicable to charitable corporations are complied with.


2.06. Number of Directors

The Dodgeball Ontario Board of Directors will consist of 8 members. The Board should strive to have at least 4 female or non-binary members. Moving forward, the board shall make every effort to have diverse representation from across the province.

Section 3 - Board Meetings

3.01 Calling of Meetings

Meetings of the Directors may be called by the president or any two Directors at any time and any place on notice as required by this by-law, provided that, for the first organizational meeting following incorporation, an incorporator or a Director may call the first meeting of the Directors by giving not less than five days notice to each Director, stating the time and place of the meeting.

3.02 Regular Meetings

The Board may fix the place and time of regular Board meetings and send a copy of the resolution fixing the place and time of such meetings to each Director, and no other notice shall be required for any such meetings.

3.03 Notice

Notice of the time and place for the holding of a meeting of the Board shall be given in the manner provided in Section 10 of this by-law to every Director of Dodgeball Ontario not less than seven days before the date that the meeting is to be held. Notice of a meeting is not necessary if all of the Directors are present, and none objects to the holding of the meeting, or if those absent have waived notice or have otherwise signified their consent to the holding of such meeting. If a quorum of Directors is present, each newly elected or appointed Board may, without notice, hold its first meeting immediately following the annual meeting of Dodgeball Ontario.


3.04 Chair

The President shall preside at Board meetings. In the absence of the President, the Directors present shall choose one of their number to act as the facilitator.


3.05 Voting

Each Director has one vote. Questions arising at any Board meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes. In case of an equality of votes either on a show of hands or on a ballot or on the results of electronic voting, the President in addition to an original vote shall have a second or casting vote.

3.06 Participation by Telephone or Other Communications Facilities

If all of the Directors of Dodgeball Ontario consent, a Director may participate in a meeting of the Board or of a committee of Directors by telephonic or electronic means that permits all participants to communicate adequately with each other during the meeting. A Director participating by such means is deemed to be present at that meeting.


Section 4 - Financial


4.01 Banking

The Board shall by resolution from time to time designate the bank in which the money, bonds or other securities of Dodgeball Ontario shall be placed for safekeeping.


4.02 Financial Year

The financial year of the Corporation ends on December 31 in each year or on such other date as the Board may from time to time by resolution determine.


4.03. Borrowing Powers

If authorized by a by-law which is duly adopted by the directors and confirmed by ordinary resolution of the members, the directors of Dodgeball Ontario may from time to time:

  1. borrow money on the credit of Dodgeball Ontario;

  2. issue, reissue, sell, pledge or hypothecate debt obligations of Dodgeball Ontario; and

  3. mortgage, hypothecate, pledge or otherwise create a security interest in all or any property of the corporation, owned or subsequently acquired, to secure any debt obligation of Dodgeball Ontario.

Any such by-law may provide for the delegation of such powers by the directors to such officers or directors of Dodgeball Ontario to such extent and in such manner as may be set out in the by-law.


Nothing herein limits or restricts the borrowing of money by Dodgeball Ontario on bills of exchange or promissory notes made, drawn, accepted or endorsed by or on behalf of Dodogeball Ontario.

Section 5 - Officers


5.01 Officers

The Board shall appoint from among the Directors a President, Director of Finance and Director of Administration at its first meeting following the annual meeting of Dodgeball Ontario. The office of Director of Finance and Director of Administration may be held by the same person and may be known as the Director of Finance and Administration. The Board may appoint such other Officers and agents as it deems necessary, and who shall have such authority and shall perform such duties as the Board may prescribe from time to time.

5.02 Duties

Directors shall be responsible for the duties assigned to them and they may delegate to others the performance of any or all of such duties.


Section 6 - Protection of Directors and Others


6.01 Protection of Directors

No Director or committee member of Dodgeball Ontario is to be liable for the acts, neglects or defaults of any other Director, committee member or employee of Dodgeball Ontario or for joining in any receipt or for any loss, damage or expense happening to Dodgeball Ontario through the insufficiency or deficiency of title to any property acquired by resolution of the Board or for or on behalf of Dodgeball Ontario or for the insufficiency or deficiency of any security in or upon which any of the money of or belonging to Dodgeball Ontario shall be placed out or invested or for any loss or damage arising from the bankruptcy, insolvency or tortious act of any person, firm or Corporation with whom or which any moneys, securities or effects shall be lodged or deposited or for any other loss, damage or misfortune whatever which may happen in the execution of the duties of their respective office or trust provided that they have:

  1. complied with the Act and the Corporation's articles and By-laws; and

  2. exercised their powers and discharged their duties in accordance with the Act


Section 7 - Conflict of Interest


7.01 Conflict of Interest

A Director who is in any way directly or indirectly interested in a contract or transaction, or proposed contract or transaction, with Dodgeball Ontario shall make the disclosure required by the Act. Except as provided by the Act, no such Director shall attend any part of a meeting of Directors or vote on any resolution to approve any such contract or transaction.

7.02 Charitable Corporations

No Director shall, directly or through an associate, receive a financial benefit, through a contract or otherwise, from Dodgeball Ontario if it is a charitable corporation unless the provisions of the Act and the law applicable to charitable corporations are complied with.


Section 8 - Members


8.01 Members

Membership in Dodgeball Ontario shall consist of the incorporators named in the articles and such other persons interested in furthering Dodgeball Ontario’s purposes and who have been accepted into membership in Dodgeball Ontario by resolution of the Board.

8.02 Membership

A membership in Dodgeball Ontario is not transferable and automatically terminates if the Member resigns or such membership is otherwise terminated in accordance with the Act.


8.03 Disciplinary Act or Termination of Membership for Cause

  1. Upon 15 days’ written notice to a Member, the Board may pass a resolution authorizing disciplinary action or the termination of membership for:

    • violating any provision of the articles or By-laws

    • carrying out any conduct which may be detrimental to Dodgeball Ontario as determined by the Board in its sole discretion;

    • for any other reason that the Board in its sole and absolute discretion considers to be reasonable, having regard to the purpose of Dodgeball Ontario

  2. The notice shall set out the reasons for the disciplinary action or termination of membership. The Member receiving the notice shall be entitled to give the Board a written submission opposing the disciplinary action or termination not less than 5 days before the end of the 15-day period. The Board shall consider the written submission of the Member before making a final decision regarding disciplinary action or termination of membership.


Section 9 - Members’ Meetings


9.01 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting shall be held on a day and at a place within Ontario fixed by the Board. Any Member, upon request, shall be provided, not less than 21 days before the annual meeting, with a copy of the approved financial statements, auditor’s report or review engagement report and other financial information required by the By-laws or articles.

The business transacted at the annual meeting shall include:

  1. receipt of the agenda;

  2. receipt of the minutes of the previous annual and subsequent special meetings;

  3. consideration of the financial statements;

  4. report of the auditor or person who has been appointed to conduct a review engagement;

  5. reappointment or new appointment of the auditor or a person to conduct a review engagement for the coming year;

  6. election of Directors; and

  7. such other or special business as may be set out in the notice of meeting.


No other item of business shall be included on the agenda for annual meeting unless a Member’s proposal has been given to Director of Administration prior to the giving of notice of the annual meeting in accordance with the Act, so that such item of new business can be included in the notice of annual meeting.


9.02 Special Meetings

The Directors may call a special meeting of the Members. The Board shall convene a special meeting on written requisition of not less than one-tenth of the Members for any purpose connected with the affairs of Dodgeball Ontario that does not fall within the exceptions listed in the Act or is otherwise inconsistent with the Act, within 21 days from the date of the deposit of the requisition.


9.03 Notice

Subject to the Act, not less than 10 and not more than 50 days written notice of any annual or special Members’ meeting shall be given in the manner specified in the Act to each Member and to the auditor or person appointed to conduct a review engagement. Notice of any meeting where special business will be transacted must contain sufficient information to permit the Members to form a reasoned judgment on the decision to be taken. Notice of each meeting must remind the Member of the right to vote by proxy.


9.04 Quorum

A quorum for the transaction of business at a Members’ meeting is a majority of the Members entitled to vote at the meeting, whether present in person or by proxy. If a quorum is present at the opening of a meeting of the Members, the Members present may proceed with the business of the meeting, even if a quorum is not present throughout the meeting.


9.05 Chair of the Meeting

The President of the Board shall be the chair of the Members’ meeting; in the President’s absence, the Members present at any Members’ meeting shall choose another Director as chair and if no Director is present or if all of the Directors present decline to act as chair, the Members present shall choose one of their number to chair the meeting.


9.06 Voting of Members

Business arising at any Members’ meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes unless otherwise required by the Act or the By-law provided that:

  1. each Member shall be entitled to one vote at any meeting;

  2. votes shall be taken by a show of hands among all Members present and the chair of the meeting (likely the President of the Board), if a Member, shall have a vote;

  3. an abstention shall not be considered a vote cast;

  4. before or after a show of hands has been taken on any question, the chair of the meeting may require, or any Member may demand, a written ballot. A written ballot so required or demanded shall be taken in such manner as the chair of the meeting shall direct;

  5. if there is a tie vote, the chair of the meeting shall require a written ballot, and shall not have a second or casting vote. If there is a tie vote upon written ballot, the motion is lost; and

  6. whenever a vote by show of hands is taken on a question, unless a written ballot is required or demanded, a declaration by the chair of the meeting that a resolution has been carried or lost and an entry to that effect in the minutes shall be conclusive evidence of the fact without proof of the number or proportion of votes recorded in favour of or against the motion.


9.07 Adjournments

The Chair may, with the majority consent of any Members’ meeting, adjourn the same from time to time and no notice of such adjournment need be given to the Members, unless the meeting is adjourned by one or more adjournments for an aggregate of 30 days of more. Any business may be brought before or dealt with at any adjourned meeting which might have been brought before or dealt with at the original meeting in accordance with the notice calling the same.


9.08 Persons Entitled to be Present

The only persons entitled to attend a Members’ meeting are the Members, the Directors, the auditors of Dodgeball Ontario (or the person who has been appointed to conduct a review engagement, if any) and others who are entitled or required under any provision of the Act or the articles to be present at the meeting. Any other person may be admitted only if invited by the Chair of the meeting or with the majority consent of the Members present at the meeting.


Section 10 - Notices


10.01 Service

Any notice required to be sent to any Member or Director or to the auditor or person who has been appointed to conduct a review engagement shall be provided by telephone, delivered personally, or sent by prepaid mail, facsimile, email or other electronic means to any such Member or Director at their latest address as shown in the records of the Corporation and to the auditor or the person who has been appointed to conduct a review engagement at its business address, or if no address be given then to the last address of such Member or Director known to the President; provided always that notice may be waived or the time for the notice may be waived or abridged at any time with the consent in writing of the person entitled thereto.


10.02 Computation of Time

Where a given number of days’ notice or notice extending over any period is required to be given, the day of service or posting of the notice shall not, unless it is otherwise provided, be counted in such number of days or other period.

10.03 Error or Omission in Giving Notice

No error or accidental omission in giving notice of any Board meeting or any Members’ meeting shall invalidate the meeting or make void any proceedings taken at the meeting.

Section 11 - Adoption and Amendment of By-laws


11.01 Amendments to By-laws

  • Subject to the articles, the board of directors may, by resolution, make, amend or repeal any by-laws that regulate the activities or affairs of Dodgeball Ontario.

  • Any such by-law, amendment or repeal shall be effective from the date of the resolution of directors until the next meeting of members where it may be confirmed, rejected or amended by the members by ordinary resolution.

  • If the by-law, amendment or repeal is confirmed or confirmed as amended by the members it remains effective in the form in which it was confirmed.

  • The by-law, amendment or repeal ceases to have effect if it is not submitted to the members at the next meeting of members or if it is rejected by the members at the meeting.

  • The Board may from time to time in accordance with the Act pass or amend this by-law other than a provision respecting the transfer of a membership or to change the method of voting by members not in attendance at a meeting of members.

Section 12 - Emergency Bylaws and Other Powers in Emergency


12.01 Emergency Bylaws

A. In an emergency (such as an epidemic), the board (or, if a quorum cannot readily be convened, a majority of directors present) may adopt emergency bylaws for the duration of the emergency notwithstanding any different provision in the bylaws, and subject to repeal or change by member action. The emergency bylaws may make any provision that may be practical and necessary for the emergency, including:

  • Allowing any officer or director to call board or committee meetings;

  • Reducing board quorum requirements, even to a single director present; and

  • Deeming as directors for board quorum purposes any persons designated on a list approved by the board before the emergency.

B. The board, either before or during any such emergency, may provide, and from time to time modify, lines of succession in the event that during such emergency any or all officers shall for any reason be rendered incapable of discharging their duties.

C. No officer, director or employee acting in accordance with any emergency bylaws shall be liable except for willful misconduct.

D. To the extent not inconsistent with any emergency bylaws, the bylaws shall remain in effect during any emergency and upon its termination the emergency bylaws shall cease to be operative.

E. Unless otherwise provided in emergency bylaws, notice of any board meeting during such emergency may be given only to directors that can feasibly be reached and by such means as may be feasible at the time, including publication or radio.

F. During any emergency in the sense of (a), the board (or, if a quorum cannot readily be convened, a majority of directors present) may with respect to a member meeting, take any action that it determines to be practical and necessary to address the emergency notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the bylaws, including to postpone any such meeting.


Board of Directors Position Descriptions


Role Statement

  • The president provides leadership to the Board, ensures the integrity of the Board’s process and represents the Board to outside parties.

  • The president co-ordinates Board activities in fulfilling its governance responsibilities and facilitates co-operative relationships among Directors.

  • Oversees and manages operations of the organization, including leading operational and strategic planning.

  • Provides leadership at meetings by establishing agendas aligned with annual Board goals and preside over meetings and AGM.

  • Responsible for the management of governance policy reports on issues relevant to its governance responsibilities.

  • Leads government relations including monitoring legislative, policy and regulatory activity that may affect the organization and develop relationships with the Provincial Ministry that oversees Sport in Ontario.

  • Serve as the Board’s primary contact with the public and direct point of contact with Dodgeball Canada and other PSOs.

  • Has financial signing authority and contractual signing authority.

  • Provides mentorship to other Directors and ensures succession planning occurs for Board members.


Vice President

Role Statement

  • Performs those functions delegated to the Vice President by the President, including as point of contact for Dodgeball Ontario.

  • Performs the duties of the President when the President is unable to perform them.

  • Leads operations of the organization and portfolios such as policy development and implementation.

  • Provides leadership in strategic planning and managing the expansion of a rapidly growing PSO.

  • Assists matters of governance that relate to the board’s structure and role.

  • Supports government relations including monitoring legislative, policy and regulatory activity that may affect the organization and support relationships with the Provincial Ministry that oversees Sport in Ontario.

  • Has financial signing authority (with President and Director of Finance).

  • Serves as the secondary chief volunteer of the organization.

Director of Finance

Role Statement

  • Works collaboratively with the President to support the Board in achieving its fiduciary responsibilities.

  • The Director of Finance shall have the custody of the funds and securities of the Corporation and shall keep full and accurate accounts of all assets, liabilities, receipts and disbursements of Dodgeball Ontario.

  • Disburse the funds of Dodgeball Ontario as may be directed by proper authority taking proper vouchers for such disbursements, and shall render to the President and directors at the regular meeting of the Board, or whenever they may require it, an accounting of all the transactions and a statement of the financial position, of Dodgeball Ontario.

  • Provides leadership in developing the annual budget in collaboration with other board members.

  • Manages revenue and expenses for all of Dodgeball Ontario's programming and events.

  • Presents to the Members at the AGM as part of the annual report, the financial statement of Dodgeball Ontario.

  • Maintain a high standard for Board conduct and uphold policies and By-laws regarding Directors’ conduct, with particular emphasis on fiduciary responsibilities.​


Director of Administration

Role Statement

  • The Director of Administration works collaboratively with the president to support the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Supports the president in maintaining a high standard for Board conduct and uphold policies and the By-laws regarding Directors’ conduct, with particular emphasis on fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Responsible for document management including the recording and maintenance of minutes of all meetings of Dodgeball Ontario, the Board and Board committee.

  • Has custody of all minute books, documents, registers and the seal of Dodgeball Ontario and ensure that they are maintained as required by law.

  • Ensures that all reports are prepared and filed as required by law or requested by the Board.

  • Organizes and maintains electronic documents created and used by Dodgeball Ontario.

  • Manages and maintains the constituent documents of the organization (e.g., constitution and bylaws).

  • Responsible for management of logistics, distribution and collection of motions.

Director of Sport Development

Role Statement​

  • Creates and oversees innovative dodgeball programs from conceptualization to delivery that support quality sport experiences

  • Acts as Dodgeball Ontario liaison with the Dodgeball Canada primary point of contact for rules and programming

  • Contributes to the strategic development of long term coaching and officials development plans

  • Oversees initiatives including the coach development program and Safe Sport training

  • Supports the Officials training and evaluation program

  • Provides leadership and management to the provincial teams and coach selection process

  • Acts as the Sport Technical Director at provincial championships and other major tournaments

  • Note: Extensive sport technical background preferred, including experience from grassroots to high performance. This includes a strong working knowledge of the Canadian and Ontario sport systems and their
    components; and a strong familiarity with Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development model


  • Manage league and player database

  • Manage and track competition schedule

Director of Marketing & Communications

Role Statement

  • Manage and maintain Dodgeball Ontario website

  • Track and report on media mentions of Dodgeball Ontario

  • Draft messaging pertaining to announcements and press releases

  • Manage all Dodgeball Ontario social media accounts

  • Seek out new and innovative ways to promote and brand Dodgeball Ontario's programs and other initiatives

  • Develop the Dodgeball Ontario brand to be the most reliable and trusted source of information about dodgeball in Ontario

  • Ensure Dodgeball Ontario's brand is consistent across all communications and event promotional items

  • Work closely with the President to create and maintain an annual communications plan

  • Seek opportunities to create awareness of Dodgeball Ontario

Director of Fund Development

Role Statement

  • Leads the strategic management of a sustainable revenue development program (such as membership fees, revenue from hosting events, merchandise sales).

  • Develops relationships and seek out opportunities to fund Dodgeball Ontario's programs and other activities.

  • Creates and deliver sponsorship requests for Dodgeball Ontario events as well as for multi year funding proposals.

  • Promotes investment advantages to corporations in order to attract more sponsorship capital into the organization.

  • Oversees grant development including research, proposal writing, and reporting requirements for program funding.

  • Identifies opportunities for third party fundraising and/or in-kind support.

  • Participates in and supports signature events.


Director of Community Outreach and Membership

Role Statement

  • Find new and innovative ways to introduce Dodgeball Ontario and the sport of dodgeball to communities across Ontario

  • Responsible for member recruitment and member database

  • Contributes to quarterly newsletter including gathering articles and information for the newsletter from other Board members

  • Facilitates community programs such as the Community Awards

  • Acts as primary board contact for requests for partnership in charitable tournaments

  • Provides content to Dodgeball Ontario webmaster regarding community initiatives

  • Sits on Marketing and Communications Subcommittee to ensure updates and requests for information from members are brand-consistent and timely


Qualifications and Eligibility

Dodgeball Ontario is seeking candidates with any combination of the following prioritized competencies:

  • Sport system knowledge, with preference for Provincial/Territorial and/or local sport leadership experience

  • Finance and/or Accounting background

  • Strategic and/or innovative leadership with non-profit organizations

  • Revenue generation linked to organizational sustainability

  • Marketing experience

  • Government relations experience

Additional preferences:

  • Geographical representation across Ontario

  • Preference will be given to individuals from the following groups, as per our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion:

    • Indigenous peoples

    • Visible minorities

    • LGBTQI2S+ individuals

    • Individuals with a disability


Individuals who are 18 years of age or older, have the power under law to contract, who are not an employee or paid contractor of Dodgeball Ontario, and have an interest/passion for creating quality sport opportunities and developing the sport of dodgeball may be nominated. Applicants must be a resident of Ontario.

Board of Directors General Duties and Responsibilities

There are certain general duties and responsibilities that all Dodgeball Ontario board members should adhere to, no matter their position on the board.

  • Promote the sport at all levels

  • Provide guidance and input to the Dodgeball Ontario strategic plan

  • Provide input and vote on all Board matters

  • Participate on subcommittees

  • Conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner on and off the court  

  • Make every effort to avoid controversial situations regarding dodgeball (on and off the court) unless asked to mediate by those involved.

  • Participate in recruitment and succession planning of Board members

  • Understand and demonstrate a commitment to Dodgeball Ontario’s mission and programs

  • Keep up to date with issues and trends that affect Dodgeball Ontario

  • Prepare for meetings by reading agendas, minutes, reports and other documentation required to actively participate in them

  • Attend meetings regularly. The board will meet a minimum of 7 times per year (generally on a monthly basis).

  • Contribute skills and knowledge by participating actively in meetings and committee work

  • Make inquiries when clarification or more information is needed

  • Understand and monitor the organization’s financial affairs

  • Understand and maintain confidentiality

  • Ensure the organization is complying with all legal and regulatory requirements

  • Conduct themselves with full transparency - share any and all work done on behalf of Dodgeball Ontario with other Dodgeball Ontario board members making it clear when such work is considered confidential.

  • Boldly and respectfully state opinions on Board matters with no fear of negative reprisal.

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