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We are the Provincial Sports Organization (PSO) representing the sport of Dodgeball in Ontario and a subsidiary of the National Sports Organization, Dodgeball Canada (DC).

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Our aim is to expand the sport of dodgeball throughout the province by promoting consistency, professionalism, and integrity at all levels of play. This is achieved by providing opportunities for athletes of all levels to play, learn, and develop their skills. 

Ontario is home to recreational, intermediate, and competitive Dodgeball. There is space for all participants at all levels of their sports journey. Multiple High Performance Athletes (HPA) reside in Ontario. This includes Team Canada coaches, athletes, referees, ball retrievers, and volunteers.

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Through our innovation and collaboration, dodgeball will become a recognized and respected sport that everyone can enjoy.


Read about Dodgeball Ontario policies and how they are implemented and enforced.

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Board of Directors

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Meet the current board of directors for Dodgeball Ontario.

Our Values

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Fair Play
& Integrity

& Excellence

& Positivity

& Unity

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Media Inquiries

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