Dodgeball Ontario Individual Membership


Membership is required to participate and/or compete at any Dodgeball Ontario or Dodgeball Canada competitions and/or events. Membership at the High-Performance level is required to attend the Provincial Championships.


  • You play more than once a week and are always seeking out tournaments and playing whenever possible.

  • You consistently show talent and attitude befitting a potential Provincial and/or National Squad member.

  • You are constantly looking to improve your skills and train primarily to improve your dodgeball abilities.

  • Mandatory in order to participate in the Provincial and National Championships.

  • Includes Dodgeball Canada membership ($15).  


  • Dodgeball is a strong interest for you although it does not take up a significant amount of your free time.

  • You are happy playing in your local league(s) or pick-up night and only occasionally participate in tournaments.

  • Recreational Membership can be upgraded to a High Performance Membership.

  • Includes Dodgeball Canada membership ($3).

COACH ($30):

  • You have met the coach eligibility requirements.

  • Includes Dodgeball Canada membership ($10).


  • You have completed at least Level 1 of the National Dodgeball Officials Certificate Program.

  • Includes Dodgeball Canada memberships ($5).


The membership year will be from January 1 to December 31 for 2022.


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If you have questions, please contact